Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF Mobility Operations  Vietnam - circa 1970
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Joe Allison's story, March, 1973

I left the 8th Aerial Port Sq, on the last scheduled C-141 bound for Yokota on the 29th of March 1973.  We were operating from Camp Alpha,which was an Army installation,just near the BX.

We had given the Airport terminal to VNAF and moved over to that location for the withdrawl.  As you know the 8th was sending people home. There were 5 of us that volunteered to stay until the 29th.  One of which was an with the last name of Snyder.

SMSgt John Knee was the highest ranking Aerial Porter to stay, and he left 3 to 4 days before I did.

When the Mobility Squadron and all the guys from in country were gone,we had a party in the NCO club.  We took the sign from the 8th Aerial Port Mobility sq, placed it in a chair and drank to it all night,or until we could no longer drink.  The First Sergeant, who's name I can't remember, took the sign when he left.

We had just loaded the last commercial Pan Am, when returning to Camp Alpha, we found the gates shut,and the VNAF would not allow to gain entry.

We had to force them to let us in, so we could get our bags, and go to the flight line to catch the C-141.  Little people had gotten into the camp, from the outer fence, and stuff was being carried out just as fast as they could.  The fans in the ceiling of the dining hall were even being taken.  The Cease fire committee, could do nothing to stop the flow of little people, there was just too much.

The security police that stayed to check outgoing baggage, as we checked in the passengers, would line up all the contraband just outside the back doors, we would drive the trucks over the barrells of the AK-47's and burn as best they could the rest.

After landing in Yokota, I was informed by ATOC and the Command Post, that another C-141 was scheduled for the next day, to pick up the people who wanted to stay, and then changed their minds.

I have no pictures, I destroyed them years ago, to forget.  I retired from the AF in 1987.  I was the NCOIC of passenger operations for MAC from the St.Louis Airport.

See ya Alan, stay safe.  Joe Allison