Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Alan Runfeldt

8th APS MOB Team Member - 1970

Alan arrived at TSN in January of 1970 and spent his time in Vietnam with Doug Cave's 8th APS MOB Team. 
Calculating by "missed meals records", he went on more than 65 mobility missions - 135 "combat assault sorties" on 834th Air Division C-130's, C-123's and C-7 Caribou - typical for most full-time MOB Team members in 1970.

After he returned from Vietnam, Alan wandered about a bit in his old Chevy Pickup and new Triumph Bonneville motorcycle and learned that PTSD was not a fabrication, but a real problem for many of us.

He first learned about PTSD when his lawyer used it in his defense after an altercation with the police... - as did many of us.

He finally settled down and moved his print shop from his parents' basement into a store front in his home town in 1975. But, but 1984, he hit the road again - unable to settle down. His travels took him to Canada, Belgium, France and Southern California where he had the opportunity to help develop a computerized typesetting system for the Bao Nguoi Viet newspaper written and published by Do Ngoc Yen, Pham Quoc Bao and other Vietnamese refugees who were settling in Orange County - in the area later known as "Little Saigon".

It was during this time - helping the people who had lost far more than just a year of their lives, that - with their help - he "brushed up" on (was taught to speak) the Vietnamese language and finally found an end to the pains and anger and the nightmares of PTSD finally left him and he began to have a more positive view of life and the future.

"It was in helping the refugees that I found my own cure for my own PTSD."

He came back home to NJ in 1994 for a short visit and stayed to tend to family matters when his Dad died; met Cathy in 2002, married her in 2003 and finally settled down on 3 1/2 rural farmland-surrounded acres in Hunterdon County, NJ, where he currently roams the woods and fields and repairs and restores antique printing presses, and assists individuals, schools and museums worldwide with their letterpress printing equipment and training needs.

In 2002, he began this web site and has (sort of) maintained it since then.

Shortly before he turned 60, he was diagnosed with Agent-Orange-related Prostate Cancer and continues successful treatments to contain it. Other MOB team members have experienceed Agent-Orange-related illnesses. We call Agent Orange "the slow bullet"...

His collection of photos from Vietnam were lost when the RV he had lived in from '87-94 was stolen - with all contents - in Southern California while he was on a trip back east. These are all that remain...

A longer version of his experiences (unfinshed work-in-progress) containing a daily report of missions is at My Story

Alan Rumfeldt at Long Than, Vietnam, spring 1970   Alan Runfeldt in Southern California, 1971
A1C Runfeldt on mobility mission at Long Than, VN, spring 1970 ~~~~ at Devil's Canyon, California, 1971
Alan Runfeldt and Roy Shinley at Djampa, Vietnam, spring 1970

A1C Runfeldt carries 102mm Howitzer and gear bag on the forks of 10K AT forklift, as SSgt Roy Shinley supervises loading a C-123 - Djamap Airfield, Vietnam - spring, 1970
Djamap was also known as "Bu Gia Map" and was home to 1st Cav FSB Snuffy

Alan Runfeldt and Roy Shinley at Djampa, Vietnam, spring 1970
cropped version of larger photo above


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