Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Richard "Dick" Hageman

Tay Ninh, 1968-69

I passed through Tan Son Nhut twice - coming and going... Spent 1968-69 at 8th APS Detachment Tay Ninh.

Then it was back to Norton AFB, CA by the fall of 69, where I met a young kid who was heading off to Vietnam - who now blames me for giving him the idea of getting out to Tay Ninh for his tour instead of staying at the big base at Tan Son Nhut. When he got there, he found that there were no slots open at Tay Ninh, but there was one in the Mobility Section. He volunteered for it - and they took him.

30 years later, he made a web site about the 8th MOB and 8th APS Detachments... and that's how I found him and the rest of the guys....

In June of 68, Mobility unit was called
CMT/Combat Mobility Team.
It was sort of the disciplinary unit for the "bad boys" of the 8th Aerial Port Squadron.

We were somewhat uncontrollable, ragged looking, not always in sync with the brass, so we were sent out of sight and out of mind of the main base at Tan Son Nhut.

But today, we are known for what we did - by the people that mattered - The Special Forces teams we served, the air crews we augmented, and others who needed our help
to get the job done.

SSgt Dick Hageman - Mobility and Det. Tay Ninh, 1968-69


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8th APS Pax Terminal at Tay Ninh - 1969

Tay Ninh, 1968-69

8th APS Pax Terminal

Richard Hageman at Tay Ninh - 1969       Richard Hageman at Tay Ninh - 1969

Richard Hagemen at Tay Ninh, 1968-69.

Richard Hageman 2011

And here's what he looks like today...