14th Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Loadmaster Garry Arndt

TDY to 8th APS MOB 1970

Garry was a loadmaster assigned to 14th Aerial Port at Cam Ranh Bay in 1970.
When things heated up during the Cambodian Incursion during the spring of 1970, Garry, along with a number of other Loadmasters and Air Freight Specialists of the 14th APS, were sent TDY to 8th APS MOB to bolster our ranks and give us the crews we needed during this very, very busy time.

Prior to that, Garry had flown on C-130 "Blind Bat" missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail and rigged and dropped 15,000 lb bombs from the back of C-130's.

He stayed in the USAF for 20 years, retired, then worked another 20 years and retired again...

Garry found 8th Mob web site and contacted us in November of 2013.

Welcome Home, Garry!

note: more photos and his own story will be added to this page as soon as we get the photos and text.


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Katum. III Corps. 1970
Katum was a Special Forces border camp that was nicknamed "Kaboom" by aircrews who did not like the Vietcong defense of the area.
They had an anti-aircraft Quad-50 that always seemed to pop out when C-130's were heading in.
That Quad-50 was thought to have been destroyed a number of times, but kept coming back to harass our aircraft.
Mortar and ground attacks harassed us...
Photo of Mobility Team at Katum. Spring, 1970
Looks like Garry on the left and Wild Bill Henson on the right.
Who's that in the center?
Stacks of 463L pallets prepared for return to Tan Son Nhut or Bien Hoa.

Photo of Mobility Team at Budop. Spring, 1970

Budop CIDG/SF Camp & Dirt Airstrip, III Corps. 1970
Army Chinook in the background, 10k Adverse Terrain forklift in foreground. Note the "8th Aerial Port Mobility Team" painted on the 2k rear weight, and the flare parachute tied to the cross bar above. These would billow out behind the rig as it was moving along - just for fun...
On the 463L cargo pallets are boxes of ammunition and some emptied fuel bladders - 2 on a pallet. We called them "Elephant Balls"

Photo of Mobility Team at Budop. Spring, 1970

MOB "bunker" at Budop airstrip - 1970.
Across the strip was the relatively more secure Special Forces CIDG camp.
Dunno what the guys are looking at in the left foreground, but what - or who ever it was,it got everyone's attention.

Garry Arndt, Loadmaster. Vietnam. Blind Bat Mission

Below is the entire C-130 Blind Bat Crew that Garry flew with over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, illuminating targets for our guys to hit.