Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Mobility Operations Branch - MOB Teams

Jim Wade's Reunion Photos from August, 2007

Although the more formal reunion that had been planned for 2007 did not materialize, the party must go on, so Neil Brown invited us to meet at his place in Chardon, Ohio. For some of the guys, this was the first time they'd seen each other since they served with 8th MOB in Vietnam in 1969.

Jim Wade sent along these photos, and you can see that old MOB spirit - perfected in Vietnam - is still alive...

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Mob Team 1969 in 2007

Members of 8th APS MOB, Vietnam, 1968-69
in Ohio in 2007

Jim Wade, Steve Carlson, Paul Appel, Dave Rhoades, Nick Shaefer, Neil Brown
Ken Giroux, Spanky Lalim

Tom Pizza and Gordon Gale

Jim Wade in the Delta... and an equally younger and typically cocky Jim Wade in this photo taken in the Delta

- with his driver's goggles on his head, his M-16 within reach ... and a beer in his hand.

<-  Neil Brown, the instigator of this event. It was held at his home in Chardon, Ohio.

Below is the famous photo of a much younger Sgt Brown and his AT (10,000 pound Adverse Terrain Forklift)  after a particularly effective VC rocket and mortar attack at Budop in 1969.

(click for full image)

Sgt Neil Brown with AT at Budop

photo courtesy of Connie Lisec from the Vietnam collection of her husband, and our commander, Col. Victor Lisec

And here's Richard Lalim, Paul Appel & Nick Schaefer
between missions - in the barracks - Bldg 872 at Tan Son Nhut in 1969
photo courtesy of Jim Wade