American Veterans & Servicemembers Survival Guide  
source: RAO BULLETIN 1 March 2009
Thanks to Nick Sylvestri


The American Veterans & Servicemembers Survival Guide is available on line at  The new publication, provided by the Veterans for America organization, is a follow-up to the 1985 The Viet Vet Survival Guide. It is a downloadable no cost resource for veterans of all periods. The guide will help a veteran understand what's going on, it is not a substitute for a good lawyer or other advocate. And it isn't the only source of information. The book gives particular emphasis to servicemembers and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, while providing adequate information for vets of all other eras. It describes in depth:

  • The problems of the military community,
  • The benefits and services available to present and former servicemembers, and
  • Issues that will be decided in the next several years.  

It will help readers understand how various agencies work not just in theory but in practice and how they can cut through the bureaucracy and confusion and get the benefits and services to which they are entitled. Topics included in its 599 pages, among others, address frequent call-ups from the Guard and Reserve, getting out of the military, the Department of Veterans Affairs, disability compensation, pensions, medical care, educational benefits, housing benefits, claims and appeals, discharge upgrading, the criminal justice system, employment, reemployment rights, benefits for family members, the special problems of women servicemembers and veterans and domestic relations issues. While it focuses on programs run by the VA it also deals with programs administered by other federal agencies and the states. [Source:  Feb 08 ++]